Hello. Thaks so much for coming to my blog. I call myself Ricky in this blog, which is my dog's name. I enjoy crocheting in Tokyo, Japan.

I taught myself how to crochet by reading books several years ago. I had my first baby and I wanted to make something for her. I wasn't quite hooked back then, though. I enjoyed knitting and sewing just as much. I think it's because crochet wasn't as big as today, it was only a part of knitting. I wanted to crochet more, but I just couldn't find right knid of books or patterns.

The biggest moment came when we moved to New York. It was a cold day. Nobody was on the street. I had no one to talk there.
One morning I was in a desparate need of getting a hat. You have to wear a hat in New York, or else you will die. Seriously. It was getting colder and colder.
Instead of going to a clothes store, I went into a craft store which was open from 9am. There! The place was filled with beautiful yarn. I was so excited and grabbed lots of yarn balls in beautiful colors. After I went back home, I made a hat for myself, and for my kids, and later for my husband. From then on, I started to crochet everything!

I also started to search patterns, blogs, and photos of beautiful crochet works. I was amazed by the fact that you can get so many great free patterns overseas. It's not so common in my country. So I sometimes translate patterns into Japanese so that Japanese people who don't read English can also appreciate beautiful works from different countries. I also upload my work on my facebook page. I get inspired by beautiful japanese crochet books, too.

I enjoy color works, making blankets, pillows, doilies, and clothes. All of my works are tested and rated by my lovely company Ricky. He is a mixed breed of Poodle and Daux Haund. He is the cutest thing in the whole world to me and I adore him so much.

This blog will be about my crochet work and my doggie. Great patterns and book information from Japan and from the world. Hope you enjoy my crochet world!
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